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CPA News | CPA implements new Code of Conduct for Members
Nov 22, 2022

CPA implements new Code of Conduct for Members

The CPA recently implemented a new Code of Conduct for members as part of its on-going commitment to advancing professionalism in the commercial production sector.


The Commercial Producers Association of South Africa, “the CPA, is the trade association representing production companies that produce television commercials for the South African and international market. Through policy advocacy, market research, industry promotion, education, standards development, negotiation and the fostering of business and strategic relationships, the CPA champions the interests of production companies that are invested in the sustainability and future success of the commercial production sector.

The CPA is committed to developing, promoting and observing high standards within the industry, specifically with regard to:

  • Professionalism & Standards
  • Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Ethical conduct
  • Safety
  • Social responsibility

All CPA members are expected to:

  1. Share the CPA’s goal to advance the commercial production industry
  2. Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect and objectivity in all matters and activities associated with the CPA and the industry in general
  3. Exercise reasonable care, good faith and due diligence in CPA affairs
  4. Respect diversity of opinions and the integrity and ability of others; and at all times promote collaboration and co-operation
  5. In matters pertaining to the CPA, act in the best interests of all members (and the industry at large) rather than pursuing or prioritizing the interests of individuals or specific groupings
  6. Strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct and assist others in maintaining those practices
  7. Promote industry transformation in line with Government objectives
  8. Uphold a professional, legally appropriate business relationship with CPA staff and Board members promoting a positive and collegial atmosphere free from harassment and other unacceptable behaviours
  9. Not engage in or facilitate any discriminatory, defamatory or harassing behaviour directed towards CPA Board Members & staff, fellow members, clients and suppliers in the context of activities related to the CPA.
  10. Adopt a fair and respectful attitude when dealing with clients, suppliers, freelancers, associations, authorities and other stakeholders in the course of conducting business
  11. Promote open competition in the industry and comply at all times with South Africa’s competition laws
  12. Reject unethical and illegal practices such as bribery, harassment and extortion and comply at all times with legislation governing the industry.

The CPA strives to be ethical and transparent and to ensure the organizations and individuals with whom the CPA conduct business adhere to the spirit and principles expressed in this code. The CPA reserves its right to take disciplinary action against members that fail to follow and uphold this code of conduct.