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About us

The main goal of the CPA is to look after the interests of our members and the wider commercial production community to ensure that our industry continues to thrive despite the on-going challenges we face. We aim to promote a professional, ethical and fair environment in which our members can continue to produce great work!

Member benefits

The CPA communicates and advises producers on all important issues pertinent to the Industry.

The CPA provides an advisory service to members.

The CPA is a networking platform for producers working within the sector.

The CPA creates and provides resources to members for their use. These are downloadable on-line for ease of reference.

The CPA negotiates standard agreements and contracts with clients and suppliers.

The CPA provides a legal framework through which to operate - "the production agreements" - for both local and international commercials.

The CPA promotes transformation and training within the industry and facilitates training courses and programs

The CPA mediates disputes between members, clients and suppliers, where appropriate.

The CPA researches the size and scope of the industry and identifies new trends, opportunities and challenges. An industry wide survey is conducted every year.

The CPA lobbies government and other interest groups to ensure that legislation is favourable and in the best interests of industry growth and development. The CPA also lobbies for a conducive and production-friendly environment.

The CPA has a seat on the Board of the Loeries NPC. The CPA promotes the recognition of South African directors and production companies in the creative process involved in producing award winning commercials.

The CPA professionalizes the industry by inculcating a culture of ethics and promoting standards of professionalism and accountability to which members subscribe.

The CPA is a trouble-shooter which identifies and resolves potential problems before they impact negatively or become barriers to entry for industry

The CPA promotes its membership to advertising agencies in South Africa and also to international agencies and production companies

The CPA is an industry "think tank". It proposes and implements new ideas and practices within the industry.

Why a CPA Member?

The CPA strongly recommend that advertising agencies and clients work exclusively with reputable CPA members to ensure peace of mind and the best possible results.

As in any industry there are some very inexperienced and unscrupulous operators who choose not to follow our sector’s well established norms & standards and don’t believe they should be held accountable for their actions.

To avoid potential disappointment, frustration and loss we urge all clients to perform due diligence by checking the credentials and references of production companies they plan to work with.  Your first question should be “are you a member of the CPA”?


Initiatives we support