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Monday 14 August, 2017

Production transparency in the US Advertising Industry

The ANA – the American Association of National Advertisers – has published its report on agency in house production, entitled “Production Transparency in the US Advertising Industry”.

The report looks at the issue from the perspective of advertisers and is separate from the US Justice Department investigation into bid rigging.

The ANA report concludes that agencies are engaging in anti-competitive behaviour that is a conflict of interest and damaging to the interests of advertisers.

Among its findings are:

1 Clients don’t always know that in-house agency units are bidding, exacerbated by agencies giving those departments different names (that sound like independent production companies).

2 Production business processes marked by agency control of the bidding system are “sometimes dysfunctional and conflicted”.

3 “Non-transparent agency-controlled bidding can lead to costly, inefficient, and sub-optimal advertiser business decisions. The financial impact to marketers can be significant.” In other words, an agency bidding its in-house unit distorts the free and open market that exists where only genuinely independent bidders – independent production, editing or post companies – are bidding. The effect on that by an in-house unit bidding too means the advertiser doesn’t get the best price.

4 The competitive landscape “becomes potentially compromised and unreliable”, threatening the health of independent production, editing and post cos.

Bill Liodice, Chief Executive of the ANA concluded, in his interview with Ad Age: “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that’s a conflict of interest, so one cannot be certain that you’re going to get a fair playing field out of that type of process. You can’t be buyer and seller at the same time.”  


Download the full report here:

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Thursday 13 July, 2017

Congratulations Cannes Lions Winners


Congratulations to all CPA members whose great work was recognized at Cannes Lions 2017

Entertainment for Music Grand Prix - Terence Neale/Egg Films, Adidas Originals “Original is never finished"

Film Gold - The Bomb, Cadbury Bubbly “Pre Joy”
Film Shortlist - Egg Films, Adidas Originals “Original is never finished”

Craft Bronze - 7 Films, Surfshack “Chasing the Dragon”
Craft Bronze x 2 - Egg Films, Adidas Originals “Original is never finished”
Shortlist - 7 Films, Western Cape Government “Everybody knows"
Shortlist - Giant Films, Kwese “The Great Escape”
Shortlist - Star Films, Commercial Bank of Africa “Unbank yourself”
Shortlist (SA Mention) - Egg Films, Adidas Originals, “Original is never finished”

Health & Wellness Gold: 7 Films, Surfshack “Chasing the Dragon”
Health & Wellness Bronze: 7 Films, Western Cape Government “Everybody knows"


Monday 26 June, 2017

Congratulations YDA Winners


The CPA congratulates Dan Mace and Dirk van Niekerk on their success at the Young Directors' Award in Cannes. 

Dan was awarded a Silver Screen for Broadcast Africa for "Finding 42" (produced by Groundglass) while Dirk was recognized with a Silver Screen for Charity Africa for "Dead Fish Eyes" (produced by 7 Films).

To view the full list of YDA winners, please click here

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