Abraham Isabirye

Abraham is 23 and is an extremely talented artist. He would like to get into the Art Department and learn how to be a Storyboard Artist. Contact Abraham on 063 185 4055

Chelsea Lovell

Chelsea is 27 and has studied to be a Make Up/Hair Artist. She is very passionate about the discipline and works extremely hard. Contact Chelsea on 071 408 7403

Daryll Clarke

Daryll is 19 and wants to be a Paper 2nd AD. He is very detail orientated and is a very calm young man. Contact Daryll on 076 778 1546

Desire Stuart

Desire is 37 and has worked as a Wardrobe Assistant. She loves the department as the details and research interest her. She also has a good understanding of what it takes to work on a feature film. Contact Desire on 072 884 3838

Devan Marais

Devan is 19 and has been on set quite often. He would love to get into the Unit Department. Contact Devan on 078 623 3140

Harold Majeka

Harold is 42 and enjoys the Lighting Department, he also has a Code 10 drivers license. Harold is a true gentleman. Contract Harold on 061 049 2440

Lauren Blackwell

Lauren is 24 and ultimately wants to direct, so her interest is in Production and AD department. She is very outgoing and has been on set several times as a cast member. Contact Lauren on 076 510 2994

Linay Jacobs

Linay is 31 and loves Wardrobe. She is now doing a short dress-making course and is an extremely organized young lady with great people skills. Contact Linay on 084 968 0347

Samantha Findlay

Samantha is 21 and would like to do general PA/Production work before she decides which avenue to follow. She is a great communicator and very organised. Contact Samantha at 079 522 1233

Senzo Khoza

Senzo is 41 and would like to make the Unit Department his home. Senzo is an incredibly hard worker and completely reliable. He has a Code 10 license. Contact Senzo on 083 725 2386

Simtandile Mdliva

Simtandile (“Simi”) is 25 and would like to get into the Production Department. She presents herself very well and has a very good eye for detail. Contact Simi on 078 369 9457

Sinikiwe Matanise

Sinikiwe (Niki) is 23 and wants to do Wardrobe. Whilst being quiet she is very observant and has very good attention to detail. Contact Niki on 061 108 2309