Sophie Robertson

Sophie is 21 and wants to get into Production. Sophie has a no nonsense approach and has had some great experience working on TV soapies. Contact Sophie on 079 541 4379.

Talent Dube

Talent is 19 and specifically came down from Johannesburg to do the course. She loves Continuity/Script Supervision and will do very well as her attention to detail is remarkable. Contact Talent at 061 601 4524

Tanya Katonha

Tanya Katonha is 21. She really enjoys Production and the detail of it. She is also great with detail herself and is very organized. Contact Tanya at 082 705 3711

Yolande De Klerk

Yolande is 22 and another import from Jozi. She is dedicated to getting into Camera and is very creative. She also enjoys editing. Contact Yolanda on 076 401 3279

Zuko Peter

Zuko is 30 and would love to get into Lighting. He is a quick learner and very focused on the subject. Contact Zako on 061 127 2454