CPA Group Insurance Scheme

The Commercial Producers Association of South Africa is delighted to announce the launch of the “CPA Group Insurance Scheme” – a new film producer’s insurance package which will be available to independent commercial production companies from 1 June 2018.

The CPA has partnered with the Chesterfield Insurance Group which is based in the United Kingdom and local brokers, CC&A Insurance, a well-established and reputable service provider to the industry, to develop this new product which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the commercial production sector.

Says Bobby Amm of the CPA “when Chesterfield initially pitched the concept of a group scheme to us, we thought it would be a wonderful way to provide added benefits to our members while at the same time creating a product that increased the value offering to both members and their clients. The scheme essentially creates a basket of insurance products that all production companies should carry to ensure their shoots are properly covered. The convenience of having all of this in one place makes for far greater competitiveness and efficiency.”

The new policy is available at an extremely competitive rate and offers increased benefits and low excesses as well as some new features which have not previously been offered to clients in South Africa but which are available internationally.  The policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and will be administered by Chesterfield and CC&A in South Africa.

According to Malcolm Osmond of CC&A “the new policy is vastly superior to any other cover currently available in the South African insurance market and it is unlikely that local market underwriters can compete with the additional sections of cover which are embedded in this product.  All in all, it’s a world leading product”

The Chesterfield Group has been prolific in advertising and film insurance since 1999 and is a fully accredited Lloyd’s of London broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company operates in all the major international markets and specializes in providing bespoke insurance solutions.

Matt Lawford, who heads up Chesterfield’s Advertising & Film Division, says “the Chesterfield Group is very excited to be entering the South African market and to be partnering with the CPA and CC&A to provide the industry with something totally unique”.  Lawford goes on to say that the new package will incorporate 4 levels of cover which will range from full agency & production cover to insurance specifically for the service sector.  He says “we have taken all possible scenarios into account to ensure that everyone can benefit from the new scheme and there is no chance of a company being caught out with insufficient cover.”

Click on the link to download the proposal, SA Film Facility Cover Final

For more information or to sign up to the scheme, please contact:

  • Chesterfield Insurance Group:
  • CC&A Insurance Brokers:



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