Commercial production sector opens for business under Level 4 Covid-19 Restrictions

The CPA is pleased to announce that our industry is, once again, open for business!

The South African Government has permitted filming under level 4 regulations from 4 May 2020, however there are certain restrictions in place. i.e. strict industry protocols must be adhered to at all times and the number of people on set is limited to 50.  These rules are non-negotiable and need to be followed under all circumstances.

The CPA has published the “CPA Covid-19 Protocol” for use by members, clients and suppliers.  Clients and suppliers should please note that the CPA has no jurisdiction over non-members so due care should be taken to ensure that they too comply with all requirements.

We look forward to our industry getting back on to its feet in the coming weeks and thank everyone who has been involved in the process.  It has truly been a great team effort and we appreciate all the work that has gone into it.