The World Dances For J.Views in #WeMove Music Video

Tal Zagreba weaves world choreography to create one stunning trans-border performance for J.Views

Grammy-nominated electronic dance artist J.Views launches the music video for his track ‘We Moved (feat. Benja Lyman)’. J.Views has been described by Billboard as a lustrous New York-based producer who creates intimate spaces in sound that are tucked into detailed layers of dazzling synthesizers. Having always been a fan, Director Tal Zagreba, approached J.Views with the idea to collaborate on the film. #WeMove connects dancers across the world who accumulate their positive energy to destroy J.Views’ physical manifestation of fear. Slowly but surely, as the power of dance unites the world, J.Views begins to channel the energy to break free from the monster’s grip.

“The idea was to explore the connection and solidarity between real people from all over the world. We wanted to show how every one of us affects their surroundings and influences society on a much bigger scale than we could ever imagine,” explains director, Tal Zagreba.

In order to bring all of the dancers together and create a truly global feel, Tal and J.Views reached out to musician’s fanbase around the world asking them to send in footage of themselves dancing which was then integrated into the edit. With careful instruction from Tal as to how it should be filmed, the footage was assembled to create a cohesive dance sequence that connected all of the dancers with the footage of J.Views himself.

With the choreography carefully intertwined, Tal and J.Views brought on animation director Niv Shpigel to design the animation that would add the final interconnecting touches. The energy created by the dancers is visualised in several ephemeral forms, from fluid light trails to sparkling jets and dreamy auras.

Tal adds: “We didn’t want it to be a ‘VFX Video’ that might feel artificial because the most important value for us was keeping it real, and to preserve the authenticity of the footage. We are all very proud of the result but, more than that, we are proud to share this globe with so many awesome, fearless dancers.”

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About Tal Zagreba

Tal is represented by award winning production company Great Guns in the UK, Europe and USA, and by Groundglass in SA. Tal’s debut short film ‘Humor’ was an official selection in major film festivals around the world. His second short, ‘Vows’, was an official selection at the Austin Film Festival, had its online premiere on “Vimeo staff pick” and won gold at YDA Cannes Lions in 2017. As a music videos and commercials director, Tal has worked with big brands such as Oreo, Infected Mushroom, Borgore, Balkan Beat Box, Jviews and Universal Music Group’s artists.