The Martini Shot: TV is still king in the ad jungle

The rise of the internet has led to big changes in adland and, rumor has it, will inevitably lead to the death of television advertising as we know it. These days, agencies talk a lot about the pros and cons of digital vs content marketing strategies and how the internet offers unrivalled marketing opportunities to clients.

The nascent discipline of internet video advertising has also started to influence how advertising content is made. Current consensus says that ads made for the internet should be produced quickly and inexpensively; that all commercials have the potential to “go viral” (only a very small number actually do); and that teens and millennials are driving the future of advertising by recording and editing advertising content on their smart phones.

All of this has had a knock-on effect for production companies. which are losing out because more and more budget is being allocated to internet advertising and inexpensive content which is often produced in house by agencies.

Despite all the hype, recent international research shows that TV advertising is most definitely still king. A recent report published by UK-based Think Box (the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, in all its forms) reveals some interesting information about the efficacy of TV advertising when compared to the internet, most notably that there’s really no comparison at all between them when it comes to efficiency and value for money in advertising.

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