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20 July 2017

By invitation only: Downsides of in-house production

Using an ad agency’s in-house production company (IHPC) may be an appealing option. With the apparent cost-savings and the convenience of a one-stop shop, what business person wouldn’t want to try it, especially when the costs of producing low-end work are often too high? But, looking deeper into the matter, any advantage to using an IHPC on mid-to-high-end projects may be a short-lived one.

5 June 2017

Bid-rigging & commercial production - a call to action

Bid-rigging isn’t just a concern in the US advertising and film production community; it’s a global issue with the potential to deeply affect South African independent production houses — not just by the threat of their own closure but also by the knock-on effects that inhibit the industry’s ability to employ and develop new talent, while providing competitive services.

12 May 2017

SA advertising and film industry in the grips of global struggle against bid rigging

In December 2016, the global advertising and film production community watched with keen interest as the US Department of Justice stepped right into the middle of a long-brewing conflict between advertising agencies and independent production houses. The DOJ's Antitrust Division has been tasked with uncovering whether ad agencies are intentionally rigging pitches for production work to favour their in-house divisions.



26 July 2017

Home Affairs: A production industry partner

If you've ever brought a foreign client or production specialist into the country for a shoot, you know how complication visa aquisition can be.  And in the fast-paced production industry, with specialist constantly on the go, you dont always have the time or the means to meet the requirements, like regular travellers do.  The CPA and its partner organizations have worked closely with Home Affairs to make the visa application process easier.  And we've come a long way.  This is what we've done and what it means for you....


23 June 2017

Motion picture's digital revolution

Today, filmmaking has little to do with film. Digital technology has advanced so much that we can shoot quality video on our phones and share it on social media in seconds. Cameras the size of our hands can capture night scenes with almost eyesight clarity; technology that’s decreased our dependence on analogue processes, but dramatically increased our data usage and necessitated the adoption of complex and often laborious data management systems.

8 June 2017

The CPA sponsors Cannes Young Director Award 2017

The Commercial Producers Association, South Africa (CPA) is pleased to announce that it is one of the sponsors of the Young Director Award at the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival. A platform for young filmmakers to be noticed by top industry professionals, the award is among the most attended Cannes Fringe events, attracting over 400 entries from around the world.

4 April 2017

Creating a unified voice and strong foundation for an industry in flux 

For those who have any insight into or experience of the film and television production industry, it is easy to grasp the magnitude of the challenges that these industry professionals face daily. From negotiating onerous location requirements to working with SARS to better understand how industry freelancers should be taxed, the world of production is rife with the unexpected and sometimes, the seemingly insurmountable. For this reason, it is critical that industry professionals have a robust network of support and guidance behind them.


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