The Film Industry Fund


The Commercial Producers Association (CPA) and the South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) have partnered to form “The Film Industry Fund NPC” which was officially launched on 27 May 2013.  The Fund is endorsed by the Western Cape Provincial Government and the City of Cape Town

The Film Industry Fund NPC


To be a vehicle for the South African Film Industry to contribute to the communities in which filming takes place in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Our vision is to grow the fund, enabling us to not only make a visible difference in the community but also strengthen the relationship between the South African Film Industry and the public at large.

Pilot Programme

The City of Cape Town decided some years back to remove the fees charged for Filming on City Property in an attempt to make the City more film friendly and encourage filming. Although this has brought relief to production companies it has had the negative effect that Productions are seen by thepublic as using Public Property at the expense of the rate payer. The negative image perceived by the man in the street has in recent years had a severe impact on the functionality of the Film industry. The Film Industry Fund NPC was established to channel funds donated by production companies into specific wards when filming takes place in order to ensure that the communities in which they film benefit in a regular and sustainable manner.

Permits issued by the Cape Town Film Permit office are used as the source to determine which company should contribute on a voluntary basis to the fund and to which ward the funds should be channeled.

This will result in a better working relationship between production companies and the residents, residents associations and ward councilors which will in turn ensure that the estimated 10 000 people currently working in the film industry will have better job security.

Currently one of the major stumbling blocks to growth in this sector is the loss of locations because the perception by the public is that there is no clear economic benefit to filming and the resistance the film industry faces by the public often results in permits not being issued in certain locations. This has the direct result that international production companies see South Africa as a difficult location to film in and thus take their business to other more “Film Friendly” countries.

These funds will be used in the affected communities for projects proposed by the community, such projects could include the upgrading of facilities, the building of new facilities, job creation projects initiated by specific communities, education etc.

Communities could pool their funds for a communal goal should they wish to do so.

The 35% communal fund allocated to low income wards would aim to provide improvement in areas where the need is the most, projects might include low income housing, contributions towards schools in these areas etc.

It is hoped that the fund will continue to expand this programme to include other municipalities country wide including Gauteng and Durban as the majority of the production companies that currently film in Cape Town also use these Cities.

Major Suppliers to the Film Industry are also encouraged to make contributions to the fund.

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For more information, please e-mail Rudi Riek at the Film Industry Fund NPC


To date the fund has undertaken the following projects:

– April 2014: Computers donated to Baphumelele Waldorf Foundation – R37,000.00

– August 2014: Dancing Lessons at the Samaratan Fun School of Dance in District Six – R6,375.00

– September 2014: Construction of a Jungle Gym in the Bo-Kaap – R35,000.00

– September 2014: Donation to Learn to Read – R30,000.00

– September 2014: 263 Books donated to the Astra School for the Disabled – R10,000.00

– February 2015: Television, DVD and educational videos donated to Hout Bay Educare – R15,767.00

– September 2015: Chess Sets donated to Ummangaliso Primary School in Khayelitsha – R3,300.00

– October 2015: Construction of Jungle Gyms in parks in Rugby & District Six – R70,000.00

– October 2015: Donation to Friends of Wynberg Park for plant ID tags – R5,719.20

– Novemeber 2015: Construction of Jungle Gym in Leeuwenhof – R35,000.00

– April 2017: Donation of a container library to Kleinberg Primary School, Ocean View – R270,000.00

– July 2017: Donation to Rotary Club of Knysna for fire relief efforts – R50,000.00

– July 2017: Khulisa Social Solutions for Streetscapes Project – R50,000.00

– October 2017: Donation of a Jet Ski to the NSRI at Strandfontein – R250,000.00

For more info on these projects or to contribute to the Film Industry Fund, please click here